Friday, 8 May 2015

Chief's #FPL Team - Gameweek 36

Latest Rank: 

(4k fall)

Fabregas, Sterling & Henderson OUT (-4)
Sanchez, Ozil & Larsson IN

Bank Balance:
The three acquisitions have been purchased with #DGW37 in mind.  A -4 hit for the 3 players (1.33 each) seems like a worthwhile investment for the remaining GWs.

Explanatory Notes:

It's not great when your sub goalie bags 17 points and is locked onto the bench.  Who'd have thought Myhill keeping a clean sheet and saving a penalty at Old Trafford? I certainly didn't.  Schmeichel's clean sheet was damage limitation but the loss of 10 virtual points doesn't help.  In addition, Hazard's missed penalty/goal ensured that I finished on sub-50 points and fell a few thousand places.

Looking ahead to this Gameweek, I wanted to buy players that I could use for the remainder of the season.  Sanchez seemed fairly obvious with his fantastic short term and long term form.  I'm surprised that the majority of FPL managers don't own him. Then again, he's not cheap. I also wanted to buy "Rambo" Ramsey, but talk of him being "50-50" put me off him altogether.  It came down to Cazorla and Ozil.  Both haven't been that hot of late.  But I feel that World Cup-winning Ozil offers more world class attacking prowess than Cazorla.  

If Ramsey is absent, I think Ozil may in fact have more of an opportunity to exercise his creative license.  The fact Ozil is owned by less than 5% is an added bonus - he is a differential.  I'm hoping that he will step up to the plate with some fine end of season form.  As for my final transfer - Seb Larsson - I am fully aware that it's a bit of a left field choice.  He too hasn't produced many fantasy returns for a long time and is owned by less than 5%.  But the remaining fixtures are make or break for Sunderland - he's got a lot to play for. The last time I checked, Larsson took direct free kicks and corners for them. He is a risky purchase, but his DGW fixtures offset some of the perceived risk.

As for my captain, I could have gone for Aguero or Sanchez.  But didn't QPR give City some trouble earlier in the season? Could they have one last hurrah before they get relegated?  As for Sanchez, he was awesome during the last MNF game.  I think he's capable of doing the same again.


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