Friday, 1 May 2015

Chief's #FPL Team - Gameweek 35

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Folks, we did it again! BOUNCE-BACK-ABILITY. Let's be honest, after the "Giroud Red Card / Boxing Day Massacre" it's never been the same for my team.  But the last 3 Gameweeks have demonstrated that you should never say never in FPL.  Gameweeks 27-31 were nothing but red arrows.  Cue some form and the "big" Double Gameweek and our wildcard - 54k rise in the space of 3 Gameweeks - Back in the Top 1%!  I don't want to boast about these minor successes, but they certainly do mean a lot, especially when the blog team fell 78k places over 14 Gameweeks.  Having said all that I was gutted to only score 95 (5 short off a ton). Then again that equated to a 5k rank for Double Gameweek 34.  All this with a Captain Hazard fail.  N'Doye (the calculated risk) proved to be a super differential, you can hear me rave about him here.

Looking ahead, I could have made various transfers. But why should I?  10 of my starting XI are playing at home.  Yes, it's a risk doubling up in positions during a non-DGW.  The plan is to use my FTs after GWs 35 or 36 to purchase sufficient Ars/Sun coverage for DGW37.  I am starting N'Doye as Hull have only failed to score once at home since 1st Jan and I have benched Koscielny as Arsenal have only kept 1 away PL clean sheet since 18th Jan.  I'm also happy to have PvA as sub3 as he has only kept 2 clean sheets since 27th Sep.  As for my captain, I have gone for Hazard. It would be a shame if he blanks 3 times in a row. But with the knowledge that he's been voted Player of the Year and a Chelsea win at the Bridge will secure them the title he has to score, surely!?

Honourable Mentions:

Matt won FPL in the 2012/2013 season.  He is currently raising funds for a charitable cause and is close to hitting his target (7% away).  Please click here to donate via his JustGiving page.  Every penny counts!

Jack is currently ranked 2nd in the world and 1st in the FPLH classic league.  He's a member of the FPL Twitter community and could actually win FPL, like Matt.  Show your support by following Jack and using the hashtag #TeamJackW on Twitter.

It's only rudimentary at present, but I am pleased to announce the launch of an informal FPL newspaper - Fantasy Football Friday. As per it's name, it will be updated once a week.  Worth reading for some last minute ideas.  Please have a read and subscribe.

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