Monday, 2 March 2015

Chief's #FPL Team - Double Gameweek 28

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55k (15k fall) 
Defoe & di Maria OUT / Austin & Eriksen IN (-4 HIT)

Bank Balance: 

*I sold Baird for Yoshida at 11.29am on Saturday, hence I lost my FT. If he is benched v CRY, I will probably sell him for Rose at the last minute. 
One step forwards. Two steps backwards. One step forwards. Two steps backwards. My FPL form has been inconsistent of late - pretty $%£$%. I can't deny it, ever since that Giroud red card on Boxing Day, I have been stuck in a horrific FPL rut (where as he has been scoring for fun ever since!) - benching midfielders and strikers (who went on to score), buying Given (WTF?!), buying Yoshida as a short-term purchase, when I could have bought Bellerin, etc. As with previous seasons, my primary target is to finish the season in the top 1% - 34,650. It will be an arduous slog to hit that target, but c'est la vie. Feeling dejected with a paltry 29 (I have only scored sub-30 only twice before in my FPL career), I was about to activate my wildcard, but decided to keep it for DGW34 as my final "Hadouken" of the season. I decided to sell AdM after his woeful performance v Sunderland - he's lost his bearings and Eriksen seemed a straight swap with his DGW. My other transfer was also fairly easy. Austin has a DGW, Defoe hasn't and the latter has been poor of late. In fairness, I could have also sold Cazorla, Walcott and Yoshida. But I will probably phase them out gradually now. Walcott will probably be sold for a cheap midfielder so that I can free up funds for a classy non-Poundshop defender and Cazorla will probably be kicked out for Ozil - but TBC on that front. Here's to hoping for some points.  All the best!
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