Friday, 20 March 2015

Chief's #FPL Team - Gameweek 30

 Latest Rank: 

69k (13k fall) 



Foster OUT / Guzan IN

Bank Balance:

*I was close to buying Forster as a long-term buy for the remainder of the season. But he hasn't got a single bap all season despite keeping 13 clean sheets. I opted for Guzan as he is a differential-lite in comparison to Forster, costs £1m less + he has a DGW after the international break. If I opt against buying Costa in DGW34, I could happily buy Courtois as Guzan's replacement in GW33. 



Yes, that time of the season has arrived - GW30 - it is the final countdown!
What a dire GW29. I could have captained almost all of my "Power 7" and still ended up with sub-35 points. My team's rank is spiraling out control. 35k/Top 1% seems a galaxy away from earth. Time to buck up! As per the podcast, I think Benteke is a sensational pick right now, even before DGW31. I was on the cusp of selling Aguero for him, but opted against it as I didn't want to take a hit and needed to replace the injured Foster. Kane seems like a no nonsense captain pick for this GW, I wanted to play it safe and opted for him.  Here's to hoping.  Good luck to you all!

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