Friday, 13 March 2015

Chief's #FPL Team Gameweek 29

CHANGES: I will now captain Aguero in GW29, the VC will be Hazard.

 Latest Rank: 
56k (1k fall) 
Yoshida & Walcott OUT / Ivanovic & Cork IN (-4 HIT)

Bank Balance: 

*I needed to break up my faux "Power 8" as I have lost points on the bench from it. Also with Theo not playing it didn't make sense having an expensive player on the bench - instead, a cheap 2 point banker player as sub 3 material made sense, hence Cork was drafted in. All this was done for CFC defensive coverage - I hardly ever take a hit for a defender, but it made sense to get Ivanovic with his impressive stats as a sound investment for the remainder of the season - he could smash the £8m barrier if he carries on performing.
What a strange DGW. I had 4 players who played twice and captained Kane who bagged a cool 30 points. In spite of this I fell 1k down the rankings. This was in part due to having a full slate of £shop defenders who didn't do as good - all the more worst when the bigger teams kept clean sheets. This further motivated me to get a high value defender that performs consistently - Ivanovic is worth his price. I know Cork sounds like an odd FPL choice for a midfielder, but with the luck I have had this season, I couldn't afford losing more points on the bench from a high value player - he fits the bill as a replacement and unlocks funds. I decided to captain Hazard as he has form on his side. He may have played 120 mins earlier in the week, but that shouldn't hopefully prevent him from getting a fantasy return as captain. I'm still 20k away from the top 1%, let's hope that can change for the better.

Please note, GW33 will be blanks for Arsenal, Aston Villa, QPR and Sunderland. If Liverpool beat Blackburn in the FAC replay, they will also have a blank along with Hull.  This means that DGW34 may get bigger or there will be another DGW the week after. I have my wildcard at hand and will be ready to use it, just before or just after this period.

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