Thursday, 26 September 2013

FPL Hints - Gameweek 6

Disclaimer: *FPLH reserves the right to change this team at any time. Any changes made will most likely be confirmed on FPLH's Twitter account.

Transfers (-4 Hit):
Whittaker & Nolan (OUT) / Vidic & Barkley (IN)

Folks, I'm back with a bang! The Ozil captaincy was an inspired choice that helped me rise up the rankings once again.  Ironically, my defenders and forwards only scored a paltry 7 points between them.  This got me thinking about my GW6 selections.

For this GW, I was tempted by the following players due to their capabilities and upcoming fixtures:

Vidic (MNU)
Rooney (MNU)
Sidwell (FUL)
Bent (FUL)
Barkley (EVE)
Lukaku (EVE)
Moses (LIV)
Suarez (LIV)

    I opted against Rooney as I didn't want to double up with 2 United players up front.  I'm sure Roo will do well for the next few GWs.  But I think RVP will return in GW6 too and will also benefit from their decent fixtures.  I think Bent is a steal purchase at £6.5M and is due an abundance of goals.  His next 3 games tempted me to purchase him.  But there was always the concern of him lacking form and Berba potentially cancelling him out.  Suarez was another striker I was looking at.  But his price put me off and he will need some time to re-adapt back in to PL life.  His teammate Moses was another tantalising prospect (especially with Coutinho out), but I felt that he needs to be consistent first.  Sidwell was another midfielder that I considered but he isn't attacking enough for me.  I am keen on purchasing Lukaku who could start on Monday, but I would want him to hit some form first.  In the end I decided that a solid defender and a value for money midfielder was what I needed.

    I decided to buy Vidic in spite of United's drubbing in GW5.  They will be determined to bounce back with a clean sheet and a win against West Brom at home.  In fact a good run of October PL fixtures swayed me to buy him.  On top of that he has a decent goal scoring pedigree for United and is due a goal.  By purchasing him, I had to sell a non-cheap midfielder in place for an even cheaper midfielder! This was no easy task.  But Nolan got the axe as I feel that he isn't making the most of filling the vacant faux-striker role at his club.  Fortunately, I had enough funds to buy Barkley.  I have monitored his progress in the PL and have been impressed.  His stats portray him as one of Everton's best midfielders so far this season.  With a World Cup spot in the horizon, I would expect him to further improve.

    I have decided to captain Barkley for this GW.  Some of you may say that this is a ballsy pick.  But from my point of view, I wanted to be bold.  Also I would hope that he can assist or score against a team (NUFC) that conceded 3 goals at home to a newly promoted team.  Not that it makes a huge difference, but my vice-captain is Van Persie, who I believe will feature in some shape or form against WBA.

    GW Reject:

    GW Punt:
    BENT (FUL)

    GW Hot Pick:


    Has good form on his side.
    He is value for money at sub-£6.0M
    Already has 1 goal & 2 assists in 5 PL games.

    FPLH's GW Star Picks:

    de Gea


    Barkley (c)
    Y. Toure



    FPLH's Projected GW Results: