Thursday, 12 September 2013

FPL Hints - Gameweek 4

Disclaimer: *FPLH reserves the right to change this team at any time. Any changes made will most likely be confirmed on FPLH's Twitter account.

Transfers (-4 Hit):
Dzeko & Snodgrass (OUT) / Gayle & Özil (IN)

Folks, the international break is over and I'm back in #FPL mode!  The end of GW 3 coincided with the closing of the transfer window, which resulted in some last minute real-life transfers.  The most significant one being Mesut Özil moving to Arsenal for over £40 million pounds.  He is the star buy that they were looking for all summer.  He has a knack for assisting fairly regularly and isn't bad at scoring from time-to-time either.  Real's loss is truly Arsenal's gain.  He could become Arsenal's Cantona by helping them out of the wilderness.  I'm not one to join bandwagons, but I deemed it important to buy him now before his price rockets up from Saturday onward.  In the long-term it makes sense to purchase Özil and his upcoming fixtures aren't bad either.  His #FPL price is frozen at £10M right now.  However, over 200,000 have already transferred him in, which means that his price could comfortably hit £10.3 immediately after GW4.  If you want to accommodate both RVP and Özil in your team, it is best to buy the German international now.

Purchasing Özil wasn't straight forward and required me to take a -4 hit.  I funded this by selling Dzeko and Snodgrass.  Dzeko let me down with his poor home performance against Hull.  I believe he will be prone to further rotation courtesy of Negredo and Jovetic.  As for Snodgrass, he hasn't done anything so far and his price didn't warrant me to retain him.  The aforementioned changes left me with £5.0M to spend on a new striker.  The only viable one within that price range was Dwight Gayle.  He has shown glints of promise and has already scored in the Premier League this season.  It is amazing to think that he was playing non-League football as recently as 2 years ago.  He won't score week in week out, but he does play for an attacking team (Palace are one of the very few PL teams to play with 2 natural strikers up front).  In addition, I believe Gayle could be a differential of sorts.

For this GW, I have decided to captain RVP due to United's home fixture against Palace.  Ironically, I'm also starting Gayle, as I feel that Palace will lose in style at Old Trafford (i.e.  losing heavy but scoring).

GW Reject:

GW Punt:

GW Hot Pick:


Scored 56 PL goals in the last 2 seasons.
Is arguably United's most important natural striker.
Palace have conceded 4 goals in their first 3 PL matches.

FPLH's GW Star Picks:

de Gea


Y Toure

Van Persie (c)


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