Tuesday, 28 August 2018

Who Got The Assist? Pod 45: Reactive Ownership (feat FF Analysts Nick)

Hi all!

This week, we're joined by Nick from Fantasy Football Analysts (twitter here, website here) to talk about reacting to our first sub-par gameweek, wildcard planning and also have a wider discussion on ownership on its impacts on the strategies of FPL managers.

We then move on to our features section, which covers:

  • Market Forces: our look at the movers & shakers in the FPL transfer market
  • Zombie league: our review of the ghost ship league we're running
  • All England: keeping track of our team of All-English players this year
  • Speaker's Corner: guest Nick tells us more about the Analysts blog

Finally, we take some questions from the community.

516-441 main league





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