Friday, 24 August 2018

The week in Fantasy Premier League: The selling of a season-keeper, first subs and lessons learned from 'Guardiangate'

By Ken Rooney

The main talking point in Fantasy Premier League last week happened before a ball was even kicked.
With the transfer deadline less than two hours away, a single online article quickly sent the FPL community into meltdown.
Speculative football articles are not uncommon and are usually taken with a generous pinch of salt - but the fact that it came from a source as respected as The Guardian made those who had earmarked the City striker as their GW2 captain immediately sit up and take notice.

A hectic debate among FPL managers on merits or otherwise of the article soon followed, with many concluding (not unreasonably) that the risk of a one-pointer compared to the relative security of a Salah captaincy simply wasn’t worth it.
The full article can be read here...