Friday, 26 September 2014

Marco’s Maverick GW6 – Sadio Mané

This is the latest news article to roll off the @fplhints production line as the blog leaves no stone unturned for a weekly FPL green arrow. This article covers exactly what it says on the tin, a gameweek maverick that is ready to catapult any daring manager into the big time. To sum up a maverick:

a person who thinks and acts in an independent way, often behaving differently from the expected or usual way”,

Someone with low ownership who is hiding in the lower reaches of the FPL transfer pages where only the brave dare tread. I’m sure most weeks I’ll be sat gazing at the laptop screen with egg on my face but we all dream of that top corner finish from the most likely of sources.

Let’s start with an absolute corker and one of the lowest owned players in the game with ownership of just 0.1% at the time of writing and ready to hit the big time. It’s Southampton’s Sadio Mane. The Saints mid currently priced at 6.9m after 1469 of the 3600 original takers for Mane ditched him at the first attempt after his no shows against Newcastle and Swansea. Since then Mane played his part in the demolition of Arsenal in the Carling cup at the Emirates winning the penalty with his lightning quick feet that Rosicky just couldn’t handle. QPR next up for the saints who are leaking goals like a second hand sieve, the Southampton front line could fill their boots with points and heap even more pressure on big spending Rangers.

Looking at Mane’s career path at just 22 he’s been playing first team football for three years. 22 appearances at Fc Metz in France yielded just 2 goals but it’s his time at Fc Red Bull Salzburg where Mane flourished. In his next two seasons and 63 appearances later he amassed a quite impressive 31 goals nearly a ratio of 1 in 2. Those performances alerted the premier league and with Southampton decided as his next destination with an 11.8m transfer agreed.

In the close season all eyes were on Tadic and more recently Pelle. Tadic may have spot kicks to himself but 0.6m more expensive may force managers to look elsewhere for Saints coverage. Pelle is currently the saints man to have but with the striking spots at a premium and Ulloa also looking great value for money in the third striing spot the ultimate differential Mane could catapult any manager wishing to take a gamble up the FPL pyramid in this all important opening few weeks.