Friday, 19 September 2014

#FlyBuy - GW5

It's time to admit it - I am having a total DISASTER with my FlyBuy picks this season! In fact, rather than take my advice and draft one of my picks in, do the opposite; if you already own him, SELL IMMEDIATELY!

Aaarrgghh!! Another flop last week, my pick of Marko Arnautovic of Stoke didn't get the recall I predicted and missed out. Meanwhile, the other guy on my shortlist last week, Tadic, picked up 6 points for an assist and a clean sheet. Nuts.

I'm afraid to say I may have lost my touch somewhat. So what to do? Call it a day? Nope. Not my style. Instead I will plough on. The worm MUST turn soon, right?

This week, I am going to tip a guy who - like me - has lost his way somewhat. A former shining light who is struggling to recapture previous form. Another year older, but not necessarily wiser. Someone who - like me - can be prone to sulking if things don't go his way. Not in a Nicholas Anelka type way, but you get my meaning.

Yep, despite tough opposition in the form of Chelsea, I am going for a Man City player for this week's FlyBuy pick. A return to form is surely imminent, although I admit, he looked really poor against Bayern Munich the other night. But this could be the fixture to finally spark him to life.

It is, of course, last season's FPL points magnet (and my DGW31 nemesis!), Yaya Toure.

His price tag is hefty (£10.8m), he got dropped in GW4 for the trip to Arsenal, his form is cruddy (no goals, no assists, no bonus, 2 yellow cards in 3 games) BUT, if he turns it on, he has the potential to go mad. I know he won't be on penalties now Aguero is back and I realise his role in the team has fundamentally changed from last season. But I think he'll manage to score some good points in the next 5 weeks (the criteria I use to select FlyBuy's from). He still has an ownership stat of 10.6%, although I suspect there's a lot of ghostships amongst that.

Anyone tempted?

Don't all rush at once...


FlyBuy picks to date:

GW1 - Calum Chambers (ARS) - Points: 1 / 0 / 8 / 1
GW2 - Steven Pienaar (EVE) - Points: 1 / 0 / 0

GW3 - Siem de Jong (NEW) - Points: 2 / 0
GW4 - Marko Arnautovic (STO) - Points: 0