Sunday, 28 September 2014

Football Blogging Awards 2014 - Please Vote For FPLH


It's that time of the year... the Football Blogging Awards are upon us again!  We were fortunate enough to make the shortlist in 2013 for the "Best FPL Blog".  To put things into perspective, we were up against the juggernauts of FPL and had a lot of fun at the awards in Manchester.  We know that we have no chance of winning the awards, but it would be fantastic to make the cut and be nominated again.

Why should you vote for FPLH?

Our blog had its 3rd birthday this week.  Since our inception, the blog has accrued thousands of Twitter followers, over ONE MILLION blog hits and our dedicated FPL Blog Team has finished 110th in the world.  Come rain or shine, holiday or busy day, I have posted my weekly first XI up for over 1,000 days without fail.  This has been at my behest, as it has required me to make early transfers, when I could have easily made changes to my team on Saturday morning to my benefit.  All this adds up to our quality - We have finished in the Top 1.1% of FPL since 2011/2012.

This isn't about "one man and his blog".  Over the years we have had numerous guest writers and in-house writers.  Each with their own pedigree, persona and previews.  From "Called It" to "Marco's Maverick", we have given a platform to talented FPL writers who in turn have enlightened us all with their insight.  We believe that everyone should benefit in having a good FPL team and be top of their mini-leagues.  Finally, we don't write for our own self-benefit; we do it for fun and to help fellow FPL managers.

So there you have it.  Has that swayed you to vote for us?  Send us to Manchester!  Go on...

VOTE FPL HINTS as the "Best FPL Blog 2014"

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