Wednesday, 21 November 2012

FPL Hints - Gameweek 13

FPLH's GW 13 Team*

Transfers: Fellaini & Defoe (OUT) / Valencia & Fletcher (IN)

*FPLH reserves the right to change this team at any time. Any changes made will be confirmed on FPLH's Twitter and Facebook accounts.

 Team Selection Reasoning

My GW 12 team ended up with the same score as my GW 11 team - 63.  Benching Ruddy, Defoe and having no City or Arsenal players didn't help my cause.  Nonetheless with 2 free transfers I thought it best to shake up my team for GW 13.  I have sold Defoe, as Adebayor's return from injury seems to be getting him more game time.  I was looking for a "sole-striker / sole-goal threat" to replace him and decided to bring in Fletcher.  He is Sunderland's top goal scorer this season and has some interesting upcoming fixtures:

GW 13 - West Brom (H) - High goal scoring potential
GW 14 - QPR (H) - Very High goal scoring potential
GW 15 - Norwich (A) - Moderate goal scoring potential
DGW 16 - Chelsea (H) & Reading (H) - Very High goal scoring potential
GW 17 - Man Utd (A) - Low goal scoring potential
GW 18 - Southampton (A) - Very High goal scoring potential

Sunderland are due a few more goals and the next few GWs sets up the perfect opportunity for Fletcher to achieve that.  He is only owned by 5.3% of gamers which almost makes him a differential.  Moreover, GW 16 in particular stands out as a bonus due to it being a DGW for Sunderland.

My other transfer may surprise some as it involved me selling Fellaini.  He has been fantastic this season, but with his suspension I had ample time to assess his upcoming fixtures which seem more difficult.  I decided to replace him with Valencia.  This was in part due to United's injuries in midfield (Kagawa and Nani seem to be out) and United have some interesting upcoming fixtures:

GW 13 - QPR (H) - Very High assist/goals potential
GW 14 West Ham (H) - High assist/goals potential
GW 15 - Reading (A) - Very High assist/goals potential
GW 16 - Man City (A) - Derby match/anything can happen
GW 17 - Sunderland (H) - Very High assist/goals potential

In my estimation Valencia will start United's upcoming league matches but could be subbed off during the second half of matches to allow game time for Giggs or others.  At the very worst Valencia will be used as super-sub which isn't too bad, but I think he is more likely to start and capitalise on the upcoming fixtures.  Valencia is more likely to assist than score.  Surprisingly it is the first time I have ever owned him.  I didn't pick him last season when he had a good run of games, opting for Nani instead.  Valencia is currently owned by 3.4% of gamers, which in my books makes him a differential.

Captaining Van Persie v QPR is a no brainer despite his fail v Norwich last week.  My vice captain is Valencia.

As for City or Arsenal players, I still don't have any of them in my team...

Recommended Player for Gameweek 13
Antonio Valencia

Assisted 14 times in the Premier League last season
Will be key in midfield with Kagawa and Nani out
United have good upcoming league fixtures
At £8.6M he is definitely a bargain!

Fast as Lightning

FPLH's Hot Picks XI for GW 13

  Howard (EVE)

  Cuellar (SUN)
Baines (EVE)
    Rafael (MNU)

Cazorla (ARS)
Sterling (LIV)
Valencia / vc (MNU)
Sessegnon (SUN)
Fletcher (SUN)
  Van Persie / c (MNU)
  Suarez (LIV)

  Begovic (STO)
Huth (STO)
  Michu (SWA)
Caulker (TOT)

9/15 Hot Picks' feature in FPLH's GW 13 Team