Friday, 27 October 2017

The week in Fantasy Premier League: The psychology of dealing with player rotation

Never underestimate the role of psychology in Fantasy Premier League.
As much we’d all like to believe otherwise, FPL managers are slaves to our emotions like everyone else - and rage transfers await those who allow their frustration to get the better of them.
Concepts like recency bias and gambler’s fallacy should never be far from an FPL manager’s mind - but this season, in particular, we could all benefit from a generous helping of “radical acceptance”. 
At its simplest, it’s about accepting what you don’t want to be true, before taking a step back, and working with it as best you can.
One advocate even encourages us to “embrace ourselves with all our pain, fear and anxieties” - there’s certainly plenty of that to go around among new owners of Raheem Sterling (MCI, 8.2) and Gabriel Jesus (MCI, 10.6) this week.
The “reality”, in this case, is simple. Pep Guardiola - and, to a lesser extent, other managers of Champions League teams - will rotate their squad. There’s nothing we can do about it, little we can do to predict it, and no benefit to us from lamenting it.
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