Tuesday, 31 October 2017

MLN League - Week 3

It's time again for the 3rd update from Chief's My Little Nuts League.

MLN is a draft style fantasy based around goals and head-to-head leagues.

Everyone in the league faces each one opponent each week with the winner taking home the 3 points. 

Lets have a look at the 3rd week of results: 

A much more reserved round of results with no one scoring more than 3 this week. Dembele Dancers suffered their first defeat of the season but remain in 1st place. Chief is still to pick up a win. Lets take a closer look at his game this week.

A pretty straight forward game this week with no virtual goals at all. Chief tried his luck with one of the bonuses this week: The Naughty Wag. This gives all his played +0.5 which increased his chances of getting a MLN virtual goal (scored when your player rating is better than your opponents). However it wasn't successful and the match was settled simply by real life goals. 

This week was incredibly unique in that not a single team scored a MLN virtual goal in the league. 

Here's how the table stands:


Chief is now rock bottom. Not looking great for him but with still 15 weeks left in the season (each team plays each other twice) he's still got everything to play for. 

If you want to try MLN you can do so HERE.