Monday, 23 October 2017

MLN League - Week 2

Time for the weekly update from Chief My Little Nuts League.

For those of you who do not know. MLN is a draft style fantasy based around head-to-head results.

Each week everyone in the league faces each one opponent the winner gets 3 points. Just like real football.

Here are the results:

A lot of goals this week with every side scoring at least 1 goal.
Demebele Dancers won his second in a row to the top of the table.

The standout game has to be 5-5. Here's the action from that one:

Looks like Christophe got off with a lucky couple in this one with 2 defensive goals. On top of that he got a MLN (virtual) goal from Tadic. Virtual goals are scored by comparing player ratings on the opposing teams. Tadic only got a 7 out of 10 so he was a lucky bit to sneak that goal too. 1 point very much gained for Christophe.

Now let's have a closer look at that Chief's game:

2 interesting things took place during the game. Again we saw a good use of the one of the bonuses with David using it to cancel out one Chief's goals. Also Delph picked up a MLN goal. This is especially interesting in this one because Chief selected Klassen who didn't play; and since Chief had no midfielders on the bench a "Rotaldo" came in. A Rotaldo automatically gets a 2.5. This means it's easier to score virtual goals. What could have been a 2-1 victory for Chief was turned into a 3-1 victory for David because of poor substitute selections and a well timed bonus.

Here is how things stand now:

Dembele dancers is off to an early lead but Chief is languishing down in 8th. Hopefully he can turn it around it next week's update.

If you want to try MLN you can do so HERE.