Friday, 3 March 2017

The week in Fantasy Premier League: Sergio Aguero and Double Gameweek mania

By Ken Rooney

The season’s first Double Gameweek, arriving as it did out of the blue, has whipped FPL managers into a veritable frenzy.

Suddenly the community is rife with fevered talk of bringing in three Man City players, despite that dreaded blank, followed swiftly by games against Liverpool, Arsenal and Chelsea.

Mass hysteria has even led to some FPL managers suddenly seeing John Stones (MCI, 4.7) less like Bambi and more like Franco Baresi.

Contrast them with the more seasoned, cautious FPL bosses, who have been quietly cursing how the DGW has upset their meticulous planning for the blank GW28.

But there is the good news for them - this is one week where you can take a completely guilt-free -4 hit for a player - as long as you captain him. In a DGW, it simply makes complete mathematical sense.

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