Wednesday, 1 February 2017

Gameweek 23 Review: F P Hell

The time is 21:58. My eyes are tired and should be in bed as I have uni tomorrow morning, but I have gone on Google blogger to write an article for @FPLHints to sum up the gameweek and I love doing this. The problem I'm having is I don't know what to make of it. As far as gameweeks go, this has been something of a damp squib. A nothing gameweek.

Usually there are underperforming players and overperforming players and form players and clubs etc. but this gameweek has told me nothing. There is no theme to draw from the 10 games other than nothing happened. Gameweek 23 was poor if you want to go up in rank, but good if you want to hold onto your high position. It was like the poetry of Yeats or Larkin. The Beathoven of FPL weeks if you will. A day out at the races where your high stake, low odds wager comes in.

I suppose what we could take from GW23 is that all players are tired after a busy schedule. They've all decided to put their feet up and have a snooze on the settee and the football is just a formality. I would not recommend taking point hits until they wake up again.

Ibrahimovic: 2 points. Kane: 2 points. Costa: -1. Sanchez and his 4 points was a good captaincy pick! Anyway, there's football on on Saturday. Time to take some rest and get over all this tiringly dreary misery.

The week is young. Have a fanastic fantasy weekend!

Written by Kyle Norbury

Stoke fan, football fan, fantasy football nerd

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