Friday, 24 February 2017

The week in Fantasy Premier League: Selling Sanchez and Zlatan, Liverpool midfielders and the surprise Double Gameweek

Usually during these cup breaks, the emotional state of your average Fantasy Premier League manager lies somewhere between quiet reflection to outright boredom. Not this time...
Emotions were already high after when Brunt and Evans owners lost their collective minds when West Brom’s late equaliser was credited to Gareth McAuley.

The eventual release of a video explaining the call quieted the conspiracy theorists, but it set the tone for a tense couple of weeks.
FA Cup fixtures, for so long virtually ignored by FPL devotees, suddenly became all-important - deciding as they would which teams would miss out in GW28.
Then, as if things weren’t complicated enough, we had that Double Gameweek bomb dropped on us.
So let’s look at the four most crucial questions being asked this week in FPL.
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