Monday, 5 September 2016

Aguero-less Strategy
With Sergio Aguero out for 2 Premier League matches due to the the FA's ruling, many managers owning him will have to make the decision on whether to keep him or to sell him for the time being. Here are my thoughts on some options that you could do to handle the Aguero situation well.
Firstly, if you plan on using your wildcard during the international break between Gameweeks 3 and 4, then you should not have a big problem with Aguero getting banned. Simply have a little cash set aside for you to bring him back into your team in the coming weeks.
Naturally, many who own Aguero but not Ibrahimovic would lean on to taking in Ibrahmovic immediately. He has done well but currently is priced at £11.8. That is a £0.3 increase from his original price. If you spend on him, you may not have the resources to get him back in the coming weeks. 
Next, if you are thinking of building on your team value then the go to forwards for these 2 upcoming Gameweeks are Romelu Lukaku and Harry Kane. Why so? Well, this is because many managers are transferring out Aguero and his price has dropped to £13.0 from £13.1. This will drop further in days to come. Therefore, there is not much use of keeping Aguero on your bench as he depreciates.
Everton will be playing against Sunderland (A) and Middlesbrough (H) and as of now Lukaku is priced at £9.0. His price will set to increase when he does well and when even more managers take him into their team. It is the same for Harry Kane, Tottenham face Stoke (A) and Sunderland (H) and although Kane has not started scoring yet, he is at £10.9 right now and Spurs will look to make the most out of these 2 fixtures to try to straighten out their season. These are great opportunities for them to have their price to increase. 
The idea is to increase the value of the player that you take in for Aguero during his ban and then buy him back when he is cheaper when he makes his return. That way, you get more value in your team and can invest in other areas that you wish.
Lastly, if you are using your wildcard for a later date, and cannot seem to take out Aguero without a points hit, I would say this is an appropriate time to take a hit. You should always try and field a proper starting 11 and if you can get by the week with a -4, that would not be too bad. At the maximum, if your team needs a couple changes then a -8 is the last resort. That is highly not recommended but if you face a number of injuries and also the Aguero ban, then you may look into the -8.
That is my take on the Aguero situation, personally I have taken out Aguero for Lukaku as I already have 2 Tottenham players in Lamela and Eriksen.

Written by: @FantasyFoxez