Thursday, 29 September 2016

Best replacements for Kevin de Bruyne in FPL?

Kevin de Bruyne will be out for up to 3 to 5 weeks and many managers are looking for a replacement for the injured superstar. In this article I will give you several recommendations as an alternative.

First off, since KdB is himself pretty pricey, I’m sure there are ways for you to top up a bit more and get Alexis Sanchez at £11.1. Why Sanchez? Well, as always Sanchez is a really explosive player and is able to convert half chances into goals when he is on form. To add on to that, Arsene Wenger is playing him as a striker. What more could you ask for? A great midfielder playing up front, he is bound to get you points either via scoring or bagging the assist. Arsenal’s next few fixtures look really enticing as they play Burnley (A), Swansea (H), Middlesbrough (H) and Sunderland (A) next. Therefore, in the next 4 gameweeks, be prepared for him to do well and look forward to his price rising!

Next, it is the Spurs midfielder Hueng-Min Son (£7.5). With Harry Kane being out for the time being, Son seems to be taking over the goal scoring opportunities whenever he plays. In the past 3 Premier League matches he has attained 47 FPL points by scoring 4 goals and providing 1 assist. At a budget price, and with Spurs having a few decent fixtures next, Son is the player to get as the other Spurs midfielders such as Eriksen and Lamela look cold.

Finally, with no European duties, Liverpool midfielders are the ones to get. Why? Firstly, they have scored a ton of goals in the season. Totalling 16 goals in 6  matches, scoring 5 goals once and 4 goals twice (one against Arsenal), they look to be unstoppable. Secondly, their next few fixtures looks to be a walk in the park, bar Manchester United in Gameweek 8.

Sadio Mane (£9.0) is the one to consider if you have the budget for him. He is explosive as well, and will take the opportunity to get himself goals. Phillipe Coutinho (£8.2) is the heart of Liverpool’s midfield right now. He is able to set up his team mates to score and is able to take his chances from outside the box. Surprisingly, he is doing way better than Firmino who is actually playing upfront. Firmino is hardworking but isn’t able to get points in FPL as of now therefore, I would stay away from him. Lastly, it is Adam Lallana. If you are looking for Liverpool coverage but have a budget issue, then he is the player to get at £7.2. Lately, he has shown that he is a player worth considering as he is involved in many of the attacks and can score as well.

Before replacing KdB, know what your plans are. If you want to bring in Aguero then a cheaper option is better than a premium player.

Written by: @FantasyFoxez