Thursday, 21 January 2016

Chief's #FPL Team - Gameweek 23

Disclaimer: *I reserve the right to change this team at any time. Any changes will most likely be confirmed on FPLH's Twitter account.

TRANSFERS: 1 (FT rolled over)


CHIPS (including wildcard): STILL AVAILABLE


Readers of this blog who don't have Twitter may probably think I am elated after "captaining Aguero" in Gameweek 22. Alas, I made a last minute captain switch and gave the armband to Payet.  That futile move cost me 10+ points and l ended up with my first red arrow since Gameweek 18. On the plus side, I didn't tumble down too much in the overall rankings.  But in all honesty, I can't afford to make such moves again this season.  Also, it was a shame that I bought Oxford instead of Targett as my £3.7M make weight defender for Aguero.  On a more positive note, I am now ranked 159th in Play Togga's Perfect XI.  C'est la vie.

Looking to Gameweek 23,it made sense for me to get rid of Kolarov.  He cost me 5 points with his injury and has become a rotation risk.  I wanted to buy a low-owned attack-minded defender with some proven pedigree, complemented with some short-term form and a good run of upcoming games.  Not too much to ask for, surely?  Surprisingly, Leighton Baines checked all the boxes.  In seasons gone, he was valued as high as £7.8M.  I got him for a cut price £6.1M.  Granted, he may not take penalties anymore, but he can still certainly take a mean free kick, a clinical corner and chip in with a deft cross.

I am fully aware that the purchase of Baines ensures that I have three Evertonians in my team.  That has some worry attached to it due to their off-ish form of late.  I genuinely believe that they aren't a mid-table team and are due a good run of form.  The return of Jagielka and Baines will give them much needed stability at the back.  If Mahrez or Arnautovic blank again, I could very likely sell them.  Also, I think my goal keepers have reached their shelf life and I will be looking to replace either of them.

My captain for Gameweek 23 comes with a bit of added risk.  Everton scored 3 at Stamford Bridge, yet Lukaku didn't assist or score.  I think he is capable of doing so against a transitional Swansea team.  Aguero as a captain choice also interests me but Everton have only conceded two goals at home since Gameweek 12.  That certainly should give all FPL managers food for thought.  On a final note, there is only a gap of 3 days between Gameweek 24 and Gameweek 25.

All the best.