Monday, 23 November 2015

Battle Royal III (Powered by

B A T T L E    R O Y A L     III

Folks, it's back!  In conjunction with, I am pleased to announce that we are launching another edition of our Battle Royal competition.  This will be bigger and better!

Of course, "Battle Royal 3" is an unofficial game and has its own rules.  If you recall from the first and second Battle Royal editions it is essentially a list-style weekly knockout competition, dependent on your FPL score for the week.  The same principle remains true - scores will not roll over.  They will be reset for each Gameweek.  In addition, is provisionally scheduled to offer prizes to the winner. Please also note that the tie-breaker for those on same points for a particular Gameweek will be confirmed and verified by 

Duplicate entries are strictly forbidden and we reserve the right to remove such teams.  You can only enter one team into this competition. 

The competition will start in Gameweek 14 (28th November 2015) and run until Gameweek 20 (1st January 2016) - 7 games over a duration of 35 days!  Provisional qualification criteria for each round will be as follows:

Round 1 - GW14 - Competing for Top 300 slots.

Round 2 - GW15 - Competing for Top 200 slots.

Round 3 - GW16 - Competing for Top 160 slots.

Round 4 - GW17 - Competing for Top 120 slots.

Round 5 - GW18 - Competing for Top 60 slots.

Round 6 - GW19 - Competing for Top 10 slots.

Round 7 - GW20 - (FINAL) January 1st 2016

There can only be one winner! 

To enter Battle Royal 3 please fill out the following form (& also share it accordingly with any FPL managers) before Thursday 26th November 23:00 GMT:


We will not accept any new entries after the specified time.  We reserve the right to amend qualification (or any rules) subject to reasonable circumstances.  We also reserve the right to terminate this competition at anytime.  If you require clarification on any of our rules, simply contact us via Twitter.

In addition, round-by-round score updates will be generated via as and when they see fit.

Last year's leaderboard and scores can be found here.

And finally...
F O R M  I S  K E Y.   

C L A S S  D O E S N ' T  M A T T E R .