Sunday, 12 July 2015

FPL Invite Codes 2015/2016

That time of the season has arrived once again when we put club loyalties aside, forget about all other sports and tinker away in the pursuit of creating the ideal fantasy football team.  It becomes all the more fun when we actively participate in our respective mini-leagues.  Here is a selection that you can join for the 2015/2016 season:

@FPLHints' League
Code: 274-641

Code: 10498-14385

Code: 5284-2238

@FPLWalt's League (Moshpit)
Code: 6412-5544

@FPL_Fly's League
Code: 88-333

@FFScout's League
Code: 600-520

Code: 2038-877

Code: 247-362

Code: 1067-548