Tuesday, 28 July 2015

5 mistakes that #FPL managers will make (Guest Post)

Here we are just days before the new Premier league/FPL season starts. It goes without saying, it’s been a long summer with no fantasy football. After finishing at an overall rank of 2,973 I just had to go through my team's FPL season one more time. I noticed that I made many HUGE mistakes which I should have avoided, but in turn cost me a spot in the illustrious top 1k!

Can you kick out your mistakes from FPL?

Anyway, here’s my top 5 mistakes; I hope you all have a read and learn from my own FPL experiences...

1. Listening to other people’s advice more often than your own
Don’t get me wrong, getting advice from other people is always helpful. However, you can’t let other people influence your final judgement if you’re not 100% convinced. Only YOU know what’s best for your team. Don’t let other people choose your team for you, that’s your job!!

2. Silly captain picks
On some occasions last season I got so frustrated at not being able to improve my overall rank significantly that I just wanted to take huge captain gambles (risk v reward) in-order to succeed. Unfortunately whenever I did that it just backfired and made things worse than the status quo. Everyone has a series of bad weeks, it’s just a matter of how to deal with those weeks that makes a good FPL manager. Choose a reliable & proven captain each week.

3. Early transfers
Making early transfers a few days before the deadline just to avoid price rises is wrong in my opinion. Good points win you mini-leagues and accumulate green arrows, NOT team value! A lot can happen to your players in the days before a Gameweek. The only scenarios I can recommend early transfers is if you really want that player and think he will perform well in the long term or if a 0.1 price rise means you will be unable to afford the player.

4. Last minute changes
Most of us have this problem. Our team is all sorted on Friday night, captain is picked and bench is sorted in the right order.  On Saturday morning, 30 minutes before the deadline we get that drastic feeling that we NEED to change everything! And then immediately regret doing so when the deadline passes. Trust the decision you made and were certain of from onset unless some last minute injury news comes through. If you can’t do so, try to isolate yourself from FPL until the deadline passes, do other home activities to get your mind away from your team!

5. Not Jumping on the bandwagons early enough
This is probably my biggest mistake from last season. Your calculations on this need to be spot on. Jumping on the bandwagons early (or getting a player just before he becomes part of a bandwagon) is very important. It will ensure that you don't avoid missing out on early gains but also allows you to avoid the huge price rise. Unfortunately I missed out on many players before they become bandwagons (i.e. Harry Kane) in 14/15 while everyone else around me seemed to have them.
P.S: Be careful when you jump on a bandwagon. Don’t just get players in because they performed well in the previous week. Do your research and be 100% certain that the player can keep up his form in the coming weeks!

Written by @FPLPlayer