Friday, 10 April 2015

Chief's #FPL Team - Gameweek 32

Latest Rank: 

84k (13k fall) 


Guzan & Austin OUT /
Davis & Berahino IN
- 4 HIT

Bank Balance:
*Both Guzan and Austin have blanks in GW33, so planning ahead, I bought in two players who had OK-ish fixtures in GW32 and GW33.


Folks, there's no denying that I had a dire DGW31 - on par with my "Boxing Day Massacre GW / Giroud red card". Whilst my respective peers were easily chalking up scores upwards of 90, I was caught short at leg gully for 57. Why? I had two clean sheets lost on the bench, had a mega captain fail with Aguero (when I could have captained Austin) and also didn't factor in Phillips & Benteke doing so well.  Oddly enough I won a few H2H matches but I also incurred my fifth successive red arrow. This is no laughing matter for me and in truth I can't afford any more red arrows if I want to nip in with a Top 1% finish (which now looks bleak).

Looking ahead, I have a wildcard which I intend to use for DGW34. As for GW32, I didn't want to buy players who had a blank in GW33. I decided to sell Guzan as he is facing a ferocious Spurs side at WHL and his blank the week after doesn't help him. Davis seems like a viable replacement as Southampton have conceded less than a goal on average at home. As for selling Austin, that is a big risk. One that I am willing to take, especially considering his blank in 33. I thought of Murray, Gomis and even SHLong as options but chose Berahino. Why? He assisted in his last match, WBA need to beat Leicester to ensure virtual safety for the season, Pulis will want a big bounce back win and Leicester do concede a fair bit on the road. As for my captain, it came down to Hazard and Kane - I chose the latter.  Good luck to you all!

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