Friday, 3 April 2015

Chief's #FPL Team - Double Gameweek 31

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Top 2.04%
71k (2k fall) 

Bruce OUT / Terry IN

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*With Hull's fixtures becoming difficult and Chelsea's not as severe, I think it's safe to say that selling Bruce for Terry made sense.


So I captained Kane in GW30 who scored a hat-trick and I accumulated 76 points - yet I still saw a red arrow. I guess everyone that pretty much owned him (a lot of active players) captained him. Although the 2k fall wasn't too bad, I bagged a fourth red arrow in a row. Looking ahead, I wanted to take a mild risk. I didn't want to overload on mediocre DGW31 players, especially knowing that they have blank GW33 coming ahead. I was content in having Guzan, Yun and Austin. I could have captained the latter, but QPR's poor away record was a cause for concern. Yes, they need to score more (and probably will), but the likes of Kane and Aguero offered more spice. I am aware that Aguero has only scored 3 PL goals since December, but I think he is still good captain material. Man City need to win the remainder of their PL games if they are to retain the PL title. Their opponents Palace haven't kept a clean sheet since 1st January and City have scored 2+ goals on average away from home this season. Kane is definitely the in-form captain pick, but Spurs aren't as explosive as City on the road and I wanted to be slightly different as FPL teams and captains seem to resemble templates this season. Let's also see how the Terry transfer (double CFC DEF cover) pans out. Here's, to hoping! Good luck to you all.

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