Saturday, 26 July 2014

5 Reasons Why You Should Start Playing Fantasy Premier League This 2014/15 Season

Obviously Fantasy Premier League has been around for many years, but still some hard-core EPL fans have yet to touch it. Statistically speaking, 55.9% people surveyed, started playing fantasy sport because they were invited by their friends. Perhaps, the reason you've yet to play is lack of invitation? Hence, please consider this article as an invitation, supported by sound justifications.
  1. It makes watching EPL more sweet although you're alone
    Nothing beats the loneliness of watching EPL alone at home better than having personal vested interests in the players on the field. It's your virtual players that are on TV and if they score, your EPL fantasy team scores too, in fantasy points. Don't be surprise if you started cheering for the away team. This is called the "Dream Team Syndrome"

  2. You get to beat your mates
    Start a mini fantasy league with your friends and compete to see who's better in choosing the best players and strategies. When you see your ranking soars on the leaderboard, you get to put on your bragging rights hat. Some fantasy league even has built-in message board so that you could easily extend your bragging voices to them

  3. The technology to play fantasy football is phenomenal
    You could now play on smartphone, tablet, featured phone, Facebook and even get to pimp your own fantasy premier league for free.

  4. More and more rewarding fantasy games are becoming available
    More fantasy sites are offering prizes and cash to lure fantasy fans to start their dream team on their site. We are talking about up to £50,000 prize pot!

  5. President Obama plays it too!
    What better reason to come up with other than saying this. Yes it's true! Even the President of the United States (POTUS) plays fantasy football. Well, not exactly fantasy football (soccer) but fantasy American football. If he plays fantasy sport, I think you should too. Maybe you could be the president of your fantasy league
So do have a go on a fantasy league and do enjoy the upcoming season with more excitement compared to the last.

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