Sunday, 6 July 2014

4 Alternative Fantasy Premier League Games

Now, every Premier League fan knows that the Official Barclays Fantasy Premier League game is the biggest and most popular (2.6 million users to be exact!). What about the other alternative sites that you might not have experienced. So here’s an introduction of what FPL fans may have missed out – lots cash prizes, customizable EPL fantasy leagues, more stats and best of all, they are free.

FanXT Fantasy Premier League Commissioner
If you’re bored of playing the same old FPL each season, why not try to pimp your own FPL? FanXT has this exciting new EPL fantasy game named Fantasy Premier League Commissioner where you could literally own and run your own Premier League fantasy football game. Now you see what you have been missing out? You get to customize your own player values, decide your overall budget and limit of transfers and, best of all, set your own scoring points for goals, shots on goal, assists, yellow and red cards and more. Did I say you could colour your game with your favourite colour, own logo and banner, and even having your own domain name? Best of all it’s free if you’re playing with around 10 of your friends. If you want more users, you gotta pay.

Mirror Fantasy Football
This is a pretty standard EPL fantasy game, 15 BPL players with £100m budget, except that you get to win lots of cash prizes! The big difference is you could have Messi, Ronaldo or any European player as a wildcard player for your fantasy team. Other than that, features are pretty much the same but with less statistics (no shots on goal, no goalkeeper saves). Mirror made it to this list, mainly because their cash prizes are just so tempting! But here’s the bad news, the game is intended for play only within the United Kingdom and Republic of Ireland and is governed by English law. What this means is probably if you’re not residing inside these territories, you won’t be able to cash in the money, but you just need to contact them to confirm this.

Yahoo! Fantasy Premier League
Yahoo Fantasy Premier League offer unlimited transfers, with the addition of substitutes and live score updates, injury alerts, news. Yahoo is actually one of the largest fantasy sports providers in the U.S hence most Americans use Yahoo for their fantasy sport than any other sites, but Yahoo needs to dig deep to see if they could pull through a good one for EPL. Chances are they might have solved their last season bugs. Can’t blame them, since they are working extra ordinary hard to “refocus”. It's still certainly fun, but there's little incentive to keep paying attention week after week and there are no customization options and zero prizes.

ESPN Premier Fantasy
ESPN is one of the fantasy providers that thoroughly provide similar settings with other fantasy football providers, except that they have their ‘Floating Budget’ uniqueness. This system is basically saying that it automatically calculates the differences between value you purchased that player and the player’s current market price. It takes the difference in price (+ or -) to applies that to your overall budget. The overall budget is flexible due to player’s performance. How you measure performance, well, well they post this kinda news called ‘Fantasy Gambles’ where they’ll post on each gameweek of the Premier League and the overall performances of the players. Posted by expert and reviewers, this section helps a lot in fantasy managers to pick the players in their team.

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