Saturday, 14 April 2012

Have Wolves lost their bite?

Terence "Terry" Connor (born 9 November 1962) was appointed manager of Wolverhampton Wanderers on 24th February 2012 following the sacking of Mick McCarthy, after an embarrassing 5-1 home defeat by rivals West Brom. Connor, an inexperienced manager but a key member of the Wolves back room staff was appointed caretaker boss with 13 games remaining.

He was armed with the task of saving Wolves from the dreaded drop. Things started well with a decent 2-2 draw against Newcastle and the fight to stay in the Premier League was on. Seven straight defeats later and the recent display of in-fighting on the pitch leaves Wolves almost ear marked for the drop. Question marks over the team's morale are hardly needed at this key time of the season. Of note, things looks ominous with the upcoming schedule:

GW 34 - Sunderland: Away
GW 35 - Man City: Home
GW 36 - Swansea: Away
GW 37 - Everton: Home
GW 38 Wigan: Away.

Currently 9 points behind 17th place Wigan, with only 15 points left to play for, Connor will be under pressure to start taking points from the teams left in mid-table obscurity starting at Sunderland this weekend. They must improve their goals for tally currently standing at 34, only Wigan and Stoke have scored less. Steven Fletcher provides a good threat with a return of ten goals this season followed by Jarvis (5) and Doyle (4) respectively.

It is surely crunch time for Wolves to see if they are Wolves by name and Wolves by nature and time for big signings Johnson, O'Hara and the like to come to the fore. Otherwise it's life back in the Football League and that is surely where all Wolves fans don't want to be as it's a long way back which most teams do not bounce back from. It's up to Connor to save this sinking ship and in the same week that the Titanic sank, but this ship may also run aground and Connor may be the fall guy for this.

He has done his best in difficult times. The board must take some responsibility for Wolves' malaise and maybe a stronger head is needed to lead this crew? Connor has already said on record that he will be happy to take another managerial role at another club but I believe his focus should be on Wolves' fight against relegation and to not seek employment elsewhere. In my eyes his situation is another case of a fantastic back room staff member wanting to do the best for his club but ultimately falling short. Let's hope he can do his best in helping Wolves despite the obvious diagnosis.

Written by Marco Del Wattsio
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