Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Fantasy Premier League (FPL) Cup Run: And so it ends in Round 14 / The Final 256 out of 2.7 Million‏

On Monday 2nd April the equation was simple.  United faced Blackburn: My remaining GW players of Rooney (c) and Evans had to over turn a deficit of 3 points against a team of Rooney, Evans and Valencia.  In effect I had to hope that Rooney outscored/outpointed Valencia to ensure my entrance to the Final 64 of the FPL Cup.  With 80 minutes gone I still had hope until Valencia scored a goal out of nothing.  Any hopes of Rooney scoring a goal to cancel that out ended after Valencia then assisted the second goal of the match. 

When the full-time whistle blew at Ewood Road I ended up with my joint third worst GW score (48 points) of the 2011/2012 season as my FPL cup opponent was "lapping it up" and scored 10+ points more to defeat me.  The cup defeat in GW 31 ended my run at Round 14 / The Final 256 out of 2.7 Million.  It was my best ever performance in the FPL cup.  To think that my cup adventure begun during the winter gloom of December and ended during the spring bloom of April gives me some joy. 

But to lose when I was so close to winning it with form on my side doesn't digest well for me.  Having said that there were close scrapes where I could have been knocked out a lot earlier, i.e. GW 26 where my cup oppo scored 2 points more but took a -4 hit and GW 24 where I managed to claim a fluke win courtesy of Enrique not playing as well as Ekotto keeping a clean sheet at Anfield.  Moreover, the opponent who finally defeated me is ranked in the Global Top 10 for those that started in Gameweek 3. 

I went into the GW with an overall Top 500 rank for those that started in Gameweek 1.  Alas it wasn't to be.  Sure it was fun, but I am gutted that I was so close, yet so far.  In layman's terms 14 unbeaten matches would would constitute two consecutive FA Cup trophies for a real life Premier League team. Though the cup is over I can re-focus on other FPL competitions with the hope of bouncing back from the cup exit and maintaining overall progress.