Thursday, 18 October 2018

FPL Guru - Let the algorithms influence your decisions

This week saw the launch of the FPL Guru iOS app.  At its core you receive intuitive recommendations via analysis of your FPL team!

The sophisticated algorithms can help with decision making on a number of key FPL matters ranging from transfers, squad picks, captaincy and wildcard usage.

The app will make suggestions on how to refine your team and also help identify areas in which you can potentially earn more points.

FPL Guru is the brainchild of Duncan from Steinbock applications. He initially decided to create the app as a way of improving his own fantasy football rank.

The app is free to download and currently there is no charge to use any of the features. 

But please note - there is on-going development, and as with all new things, be wary of minor teething issues.

Feel free to download the app and also tell others in the FPL Community.