Friday, 2 March 2018

The week in Fantasy Premier League: Butland's bonus, Kane V Salah and differentials for the desperate

Fantasy Premier League managers everywhere love a good moan about the allocation of bonus points - usually when one of their players gets short-changed. This week was very different, though.
The bonus points system itself is a laudable endeavour, ostensibly designed to spread the points around a bit, rewarding some of the lesser lights for their more subtle contributions to a match.
 In FPL, it's reassuringly stats-based, unlike some past formats which saw English reporters invariably award maximum points to Wayne Rooney and John Terry, with little, if any, regard to the quality of their performances.
 However, one single action in Gameweek 28, Stoke goalkeeper Jack Butland (STO, 5.0) managed to make a mockery of the whole thing.
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