Monday, 31 July 2017

Three Common FPL Mistakes To Avoid

The new Premier League season is less than 2 weeks away and to millions all over the world that means one thing: Fantasy Football! Whether you’ve been playing the game for years or you’ve decided to give it a go for the first time this season, there are some mistakes that often go over-looked by a lot of managers that you need to avoid if you want to win your office’s mini-league. These are three of the mistakes that I made last year that I definitely won’t make this season.

Taking unnecessary points' hits
Since the dawn of FPL, managers have debated over spending those extra few points in order to sign an extra player or two in the weekly transfer window. For many, the logic is “I can spend the 4 points on this player because he’ll score at least that many points this week”. Unfortunately, though that may work out occasionally, a lot of the time it does not.

You may be 100 points in front of your mates in your mini-league but at the end of the season those extra 4 points could be crucial in winning you a top 10% finish. Also managers make a habit of taking point hits much like I did last season. It got to the point that I spent 16 points in order to have 11 starting players during a cup weekend last season. Though I may have beaten the majority of managers that week, the next week I realised my squad was full of Middlesbrough and Sunderland players so I had to take yet another points hit. It’s important to avoid this mistake as often as possible.

Following the crowd too much

Last season everyone knew that Harry Kane and Romelu Lukaku scored goals and therefore were in everyone’s fantasy team. Unfortunately I was no different and only at the end of the season did I realise that having players like them didn’t gain me any extra points over my competition. It is vital that you take the risk and invest in a few shrewd differentials. This season, promoted players like Anthony Knockaert and Dwight Gayle could be worth the gamble to potentially score goals and earn bonus points that most of your opponents won’t be earning.

Picking players by their name, not by their points potential

Kante won PFA player of the season and is just £5.0m in FPL. Bargain right? Not so fast. Kante is known worldwide for his pace and positioning but do you know how many points a player earns for staying in Ander Herrera’s pocket for 90 minutes? 0. Though he was undeniably a superstar for the champions last season, N’Golo scored just one goal and made just one assist. He also didn’t frequently pick up bonus points. Kante is just one example of a player that may be brilliant in real life, but fails to deliver in FPL.   

Other FPL mistakes to avoid:
Don’t use your chips too early.
Don’t be stubborn – allow yourself to pick your rival teams star player.
Don’t have a defender in your team that’s playing your star striker.
Don’t pick players that frequently get booked.

~ A.P. Schmitz