Friday, 12 May 2017

The week in Fantasy Premier League: Trying to pick a captain after the match that changed everything

Last Sunday, Fantasy Premier League managers everywhere learned a valuable lesson as they watched one match throw season run-in plans into chaos.
It was the classic gambler’s fallacy - just because something has happened nine times in a row, doesn’t mean it will happen again.
West Ham’s defeat of a seemingly imperious Tottenham side turned the FPL landscape on its head like no result before it this season, instantly devaluing those very Spurs and Chelsea assets that had seemed so unquestionably essential a mere two hours earlier.

Now, a win against West Brom tonight will see Chelsea secure the title, almost certainly provoking wholesale rotation from Antonio Conte as he prepares for his assault on a league and cup double.
It would also have us dreading a repeat of last year’s late-season collapse from a despondent Spurs side.
Tony Pulis and West Brom will have something to say about that of course, but just as was the case last week, most of us will plough on and plan for what we believe must be the most likely scenario.
That means casting a more critical eye over our FPL squads as we search for some late-season glory - beginning with that all-important Double Gameweek captaincy pick.
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