Monday, 29 May 2017

Chief's Alternative World Cup

So what's this all about?

FPL lets you pick any country/territory when you register your team every season.  The flag and name of the said country/territory appears under your public profile.

I thought to myself that I have a better chance of winning the country league of a random country/territory than choosing England. In fact, I did so with Northern Mariana Islands a few years ago. I then thought why not reach out to my fellow fantasy football addicts on social media and ask them to also follow suit?  We all live in a globalised world, so why not adopt the same place? And how do you say we decide on the country/territory? Here's where the fun comes in...

Over the next 7 days, I'm going to hold a 'World Cup' to decide the winning entry. 16 will be whittled to 4, then to 2 and then to 1.  I have chosen 16 random territories based on the following criteria:

  • They appear high alphabetically on the FPL country list
  • They appear low alphabetically on the FPL country list
  • They have a small or negligible population
  • Their name just sounds cool

Despite the competition name, it's not something that you can enter yourself, but you can certainly take part! Each stage of the competition (groups, semis and final) will be decided by a Twitter poll on my timeline, between 29th May and 4th June.

The 16 countries/territories (with their respective populations) are as as follows:

Aland Islands - 29,000
Anguilla - 15,000
Antartica - 5,000
Aruba - 103,000
Bouvet Island - 0
Bonaire, Saint Eustatius and Saba - 21,000
Christmas Island - 2,000
Cocos Islands - 600
Gibraltar - 32,000
Heard and McDonald Islands - 0
Northern Mariana Islands - 53,000
Pitcairn Island - 60
South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands - 30
Svalbard & Jan Mayen Islands - 2,700
United States Minor Outlying Islands - 300
Wallis and Fatuna Islands - 15,500

I intended to do seeds based on population size, but I thought that would be taking it too far (if this 'competition' in itself wasn't outlandish enough). Also, the random draw generator that I used couldn't factor in seedings.  The randomly generated groups are as follows:



100% decided by Twitter polls on my timeline

Group 1 - 29th May (1 progresses)
Group 2 - 30th May (1 progresses)
Group 3 - 31st May (1 progesses)
Group 4 - 1st June (1 progesses)
Semi 1 - 2nd June
Semi 2 - 3rd June
Final - 4th June (1 winner)

Be sure to vote!  If you don't get a chance to or are unable to, please join my campaign and adopt the winning territory/country once the FPL game restarts in July!  You'll probably have a better chance of winning its country league than your actual one. Also, you'll know who all the citizens are!

I will adopt the winning country/terrtiory as my own in FPL and will encourage everyone else in the FPL Twittersphere and blogsophere to do the same.

It's all a bit of fun. But let's take it seriously and put the winning country/territory on the FPL map!