Sunday, 2 June 2013

FPLH's Performance and Review 2012/2013

FPLH's Overall Rank:

out of 2,608,912 (Top 0.19% of FPL Gamers)
Last year I was ranked in the Top 0.004% of FPL Gamers

Domestic Standings:

FPLH League: 12th
Last year I finished 3rd

FPLH Cup: 42nd
Last year I finished 2nd

Team’s value after GW 38:

Last year the team value after GW 38 was £108.8M

Average GW score over 38 weeks:

59.07 from 2245 points
Last year it was 61.11 from 2322 points

Season's GW Points Tally (excl. transfer costs):

0-10 points: 0
11-20 points: 0
21-30 points: 1
31-40 points: 4
41-50 points: 8
51-60 points: 7
61-70 points: 9
71-80 points: 2
81 points +: 7

FPLH's Highest score, excl. transfer costs:

112 (GW23)
Last year it was 123 in GW 36

FPLH's lowest score, excl. transfer costs:

30 (GW 32)
Last year it was 38 in GW6

Transfers made:

Last year it was 44

Lost points through extra transfers:

52 points
Last year it was 44

FPL Player Exchange Game:

523 points - Overall position: 268th out of 57,719
(The P/E Game was new to the 2012/13 season)


After last year's cracking 110th finish, it was going to be virtually impossible for me to match that... but I gave it a go!  Realistically I was targeting at least a Top 1k finish.  The truth was that I had a solid squad through out the season.  But I lost too many silly points on the bench.  Upon calculation, I may have lost as much as 110+ points on the bench!  This was in part due to surprise results or unforeseen miscalculations on my part.  However, I gradually lost less points on the bench as the season progressed and fortunately didn't lose too many points on shoddy captaincy picks.  Relying on one keeper and having a stock/cheap un-usable 3rd sub helped me  to free up funds but also reduce points lost on the bench.  I believe I used both of my wildcards at the correct moments which resulted in a mid-season boost and late flurry injection of points - allowing me to obtain 2 tons in one season for the first time.  From GW23-33 I was floundering between 10k to 19k and feared a mediocre finish.  But the all-season wild card and spot on selections bailed me out to a respectable 5k.  Who captained RVP v Villa? Or captained Benteke v Sunderland? I did! These potentially risky yet inspiring captain picks catapulted me up the table, but alas it was too little too late to break into the top 1k. I rarely scored less than 40 which was pleasing but I should have got more 71+ GW scores.  Aside from that, I finished 2nd in FM-Base's league and 3rd in their cup which I consider a job well done under the circumstances.  To conclude, finishing 5,038th wasn't so bad after all and I intend to zoom up the table again for the 2013/2014 season. Mourinho? Moyes? 'Ollie? Bring it on!