Thursday, 4 October 2012

FPL Hints - Gameweek 7

FPLH's GW 7 Team*

Transfers (OUT): Mertesacker
Transfers (IN): B Davies

*FPLH reserves the right to change this team at any time. Any changes made will be confirmed on FPLH's Twitter and Facebook accounts.
Team Selection Reasoning

Last Gameweek saw a mild improvement in fortunes for the FPLH Blog Team, with a third consecutive net points increase.  The Suarez transfer proved a masterstroke as he bagged 20 points, if only I dared to captain him.  As for Gameweek 7, I didn't wish to tinker too much as the international break will be shortly upon us once again.  I was looking to replace Mertesacker, who is no longer a first team choice, for a cheaper alternative.  Ben Davies of Swansea came to mind, especially due to his team's upcoming fixtures:

GW 7 - Reading (H) - Clean sheet potential
GW 8 - Wigan (H) - Clean sheet potential

Swansea haven't kept a clean sheet since August, but I believe they are due one soon against teams that do no travel well.  Ben Davies has had a look since Neil Taylor's long-term injury and I believe he will provide value for money.  As for my starting XI, it is almost the same, but I have ditched S Taylor to the bench as Newcastle face Manchester United and have given Ben Davies his place.  The choice of captain was a tough call between Suarez and Hazard, but I felt form was on Suarez's side thus I opted for him.

Recommended Player for Gameweek 7

Luis Suarez


Liverpool are due a home win, Stoke have yet to win away
Has no major rivals for his position in the team
Scored 5 league goals in 6 matches
Is a natural goal poacher

On form

FPLH's Hot Picks XI for GW 7

Cech (CHE)

  Davies (SWA)
  Walker (TOT)
Kompany (MNC)

Fellaini (EVE)
Hazard (CHE)
  Bale (TOT)
Michu (SWA)

  Torres (CHE)
Suarez (MNU)
Aguero (MNC)


Friedel (TOT)
Baines (EVE)
  Nolan (WHA)
Davies (SWA)

8/15 Hot Picks' feature in FPLH's GW 7 Team