Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Plans and Changes for FPLH: 2012-2013 Premier League

Plans and Changes for FPLH: 2012-2013 Premier League Season

Greetings all!  I hope you are having an enjoyable (football-free) summer especially now that England have been dumped out of another international competition on penalties, with the same old excuses.  To think that all we needed to do was to keep possession of the ball and pass it more often.  C'est la vie.

I thought it best to provide an update on my blog plans and changes for the upcoming season, as follows:

First and foremost, I will continue to post FPLH's weekly blog team before each gameweek.  However, this will now be under a weekly post rather than the "My GW team" page (which will be archived).  

Secondly, I will continue to highlight a recommended player for each GW but will provide that information in a more streamlined/easy-to-digest manner as opposed to dedicating a whole post to it.

Moreover, as a new feature for 2012-2013 I will also post a new segment called "FPLH's hot picks", which will aim to show you the best players for each gameweek, regardless of our blog team.  This will provide you with extra insight on who to pick and will supplement FPLH's weekly blog team.

Aside from the above, I will continue to post random ad hoc football posts as and when I can.  Also keep an eye out for guest writers' making their returns or debuts to FPLH.

Finally, I leave you with a tutorial on how to take a penalty.  Do note: Class and composure needed!