Tuesday, 27 November 2018

Who Got The Assist? Pod 55 - Premium Switcheroo (feat. Cherno Samba)

This week, as Nick melts down about a Vokes goal, the template is being threatened by the likes of Sterling, Sane, and the Spurs players. We take a look at the fork in the road in terms of premium assets, and think about how we might maneuver to suit the new template.
Tom also did a short interview with Championship/Football Manager legend Chermo Samba as an addition bonus. Many thanks to Chief (@fplhints) for producing this.

We then look at the features - Market Forces, zombies and All England team - before answering some questions.

Main league: 516-441

No podcast next week due to the crush of games. We'll do a live Youtube next Sunday for Q&A - please subscribe to our Youtube channel if you want to be kept informed of when we're on, but it should be 8ish.


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