Friday, 23 February 2018

The week in Fantasy Premier League: Timing is everything when playing your remaining chips

By Ken Rooney
Sooner or later, the Fantasy Premier League conversation always seems to come back to Sergio Aguero.
Four goals on the way to 21 points against Leicester saw thousands of managers rack up 100-point Gameweeks, leaving non-owners crying behind their couches.
Even those who owned the Argentine, but instead opted to captain the likes of Mo Salah (LIV, 10.4), felt the impact.
Ironically, those looking to make up lost ground by bringing him back now could be missing out on a big opportunity. You can hear me explain this, and more, on the latest 3 Amigos podcast.

Now that the first big Blank Gameweek is almost upon is, attention in the FPL community has turned to how best to use our remaining chips.
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