Tuesday, 11 September 2012

FPL Hints - Gameweek 4

FPLH's GW 4 Team*

Transfers (OUT): Kompany, Bale, Pogrebnyak
Transfers (IN): Demel, Sterling, Van Persie

*FPLH reserves the right to change this team at any time. Any changes made will be confirmed on FPLH's Twitter and Facebook accounts.

 Transfers' Justifications:

I very rarely take a -8 hit.  In fact the FPLH Blog team didn't take any -8 hits during the 2011/12 season.  However, put simply, I thought it was a necessity to draft Van Persie into the team - due to his form and Rooney's injury.  I wasn't prepared to sell Podolski or Tevez.  This meant I had to sell an expensive defender and midfielder to fund the Van Persie purchase.  Kompany is expensive and hasn't kept any clean sheets as of yet.  Moreover Bale hasn't done much either.  Thus they were sold.  When I discovered that Liverpool's up-and-coming midfielder Sterling was a 4.5 I knew I had to buy him.  With only 4.0 left, there wasn't much choice for defenders.  But Demel stood out with his 2 clean sheets out of 3 matches.  In the short and long term I would hope for the -8 hit to pay off, will just have to wait and see...

Recommended Player for Gameweek 4

Robin Van Persie
(Man United)


Rooney is injured, which means Van Persie will be key
Has scored 4 goals in first 3 league matches
Scored 30 league goals last season
Can assist as well as score

Dutch Dynamite

 FPLH's Hot Picks XI for GW 4

de Gea (MNU)

Mertesacker (ARS)
Vidic (MNU)
Ivanovic (CHE)

Hazard (CHE)
Cazarola (ARS)
Michu (SWA)
Fellaini (EVE)

Van Persie / cpt (MNU)
Podolski / vc (ARS)
Tevez (MNC)


Cech (CHE)
Sterling (LIV)
Nolan (WHA)
Hangeland (FUL)

10/15 Hot Picks' feature in FPLH's GW 4 Team.