Monday, 23 January 2017

A Post-Aguero World

Agueroooo or Aguerno? This season has by far been Aguero’s worst season based on his performances and  his discipline. As a result,  FPL managers have considered a post-Aguero FPL world. But why has he been this poor. Is it Guardiola? Does he want a move away?. Whatever it is, one thing is for certain, Aguero has definitely divided the FPL community as some have shifted away from a player who was tagged as "essential" just a few months ago, while others are suggesting he is too good to be dropped and that he will come good eventually. However, as Aguero has lost the precious "must have" tag, this has had many implications in FPL managers' teams.

1. The Freeing Up of Funds
Transferring Aguero out, 12.8m, will free up funds regardless of who you get in as he is the most expensive forward in the game. Replacing Aguero with players like Ibrahimovic 11.7m, Defoe 7.9m and Costa 10.3m who are out scoring him by a long way frees up a minimum of 1.5m.

By freeing up these amounts, FPL managers will have the fund to improve other areas in the teams that may have been weaker. Selling Aguero will give a path into owning the likes of Alli or Eriksen (maybe both), Coutinho or any other great midfielder or even any great defenders like Rose, Alonso or Baines. 

2. Balanced Teams
By owning Aguero, FPL managers are spending more than a tenth of the budget for the Argentine. That is a hefty amount for one player who isn't performing to the standards of past seasons. FPL managers will also sacrifice other positions to accommodate him. Therefore, selling the Argentine will open the door to a more balanced team. The more balanced a team is, the greater the points potential as other positions are strengthen and the Aguero position's strength is maintained or improved. Removing players like Jay Rodriguez and replacing him with Christian Eriksen will become an option when selling the Argentine and thus the points potential for future gameweeks will be lifted.

3. Captaincy
The major drawback and worry to not owning Aguero is the captaincy. He is constantly the most captained player every gameweek and not having him for certain fixtures would be rather terrifying. However, having the armband on Aguero is not as important as everyone makes it out. There are a myriad of players who exceed Aguero’s gameweek points and over time equal his points. A post-Aguero world will mean FPL managers will be able to capitalize on the points of other players rather than being burden by the fear of an Aguero 5 goal performance every week to captain him. Players like Ibrahimovic, Hazard, Kane, Costa and Eriksen are better captaincy picks based on their fixtures as they provide better points per game than Aguero. Overall I’m pretty confident that Aguero’s captain hauls can be matched or bettered over the course of the season with some good judgement and a bit of luck.

Written by: Mark Dinkha

Twitter: @_FFM_Mark