Monday, 11 July 2016

5 Lessons From Last Season's FPL

1. Go for a differential that is not a popular pick. From my experience, I’ve learnt that it can be astute to go for players with a low ownership percentage. For example, I got Michael Antonio in when he was owned by 2% of managers; he went on to get me a combined 30pts in the next 4 game weeks. However, it is important to know that this doesn’t apply to all players, but I would recommend the more attacking players e.g. Rashford, Shane Long, etc. 

2. Form over fixtures. It is important to always consider the form of a player rather than their fixtures. I know for sure I made this mistake last season along with many other FPL managers. There are many examples of this throughout the season but there isn’t one more significant than DGW34, where most FPL managers preferred to have a team full of Double Gameweek players (DGWers) regardless of their form. This backfired as Kane, Alli and Alderweireld all hauled due to a 4-0 win against Stoke. Hopefully for next season, we won’t make such a mistake again.

3. Patience on transfers. I understand the excitement and urge to make changes to your team once the chance opens up but it is crucial to be patient on making transfers. Staying away from making any transfers until the day of the deadline can help you get some insight on rotation risk to help improve your rank. Making transfers during the week may backfire as injuries and rotation can occur at any time. This mostly occurred at the end of last season when Liverpool unexpectedly rotated due to their run in the Europa League. 

4. Jump on bandwagons. Throughout a season players go through a stretch of games where everything they touch turns into gold. It is important to get those players in during these periods as those points they accrue will be crucial for your rank overall. Vardy, Ighalo and Mahrez were the greatest examples of players having those periods last season. Many FPL managers including me left it too late putting them in and we paid the ultimate price while others who had them in rapidly shot up the ranks. 

5. Wisely use the in-game chips. The in-game chips were a new addition to the game last season and many of us didn’t know how they worked. This led to many managers using them in the first few weeks thinking they were reusable later on in the season. These managers were left disadvantaged in DGWs were everyone played their Triple Captain and Bench Boost. These in-game chips must be wisely used throughout a season as they can have a significant effect on your rank. Based on last season, the most ideal time to use these chips is in-and-around the DGWs that transpire near the end of the season.

Guest written by: Mark Dinkha

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