Friday, 9 March 2012

(Non-Transfer Window) Wildcard & Changes Made

Please Note: (Extra Last Minute Change Made - See below)

After much contemplation I have decided to use my non-transfer window wildcard.  My changes are based on a number of factors with arguably one of the most important being upcoming fixtures.  So here are my final wildcard changes (reasons included):

Graham (OUT) / Rooney (IN)

As much as Graham was a bargain when I bought him at 4.9, his fixtures are not going to get any easier.  Instead I have decided to invest in a rejuvenated Wayne Rooney who has easier fixtures at hand.  Arguably, Rooney has more incentive to score as United are challenging for the title, where as Swansea are simply stuck in mid-table mediocrity.

.Aguero (OUT) / Suarez (IN)

I was dissapointed that Aguero didn't score more during City' easy run of fixtures.  He has also became a squad rotation risk with his omission last week coinciding with the steady rehabilitation of Tevez.  As for Suarez, my decision to pick him is due in part to the DGW and Liverpool's easier upcoming fixtures, rather than his form.

Silva (OUT) / Scholes (IN)

Again like his teammate a similar story.  Silva had an easy run of fixtures yet failed to capitalise on them.  He has been lacking on goals and assists of late.  I just couldn't bare to have a 10.0M+ under-performing player in the team.  As for his replacement, Scholes, that may come as a surprise to some.  Scholes came out of retirement to provide cover for injuries and yet has shown that class is permanent with his decent displays (including two goals).  At 5.3 he is a steal and a risky differential.  But with United's re-reliance on him I am happy to take him on board.

Sessegnon (OUT) / Bale (IN)

I got rid of Bale in January and how I regret it.  I thought with Spurs' harder fixtures he may not get as many points yet he continued to do well.  I am glad to welcome him back, especially with Spurs' easier upcoming fixtures in the last 8 weeks.  As for Sessegnon, he did well for me whilst I had him, but his red card and combination of Sunderland's dipping form has led me to axe him.  Don't worry though, as another Sunderland player has been recruited.

Barton (OUT) / McClean (IN)

I am still at a loss to describe why I thought it was sensible to buy Joey Barton.  He showed no real form when I bought him.  I suppose the reason was due to QPR's short-term good run of fixtures which ended with Barton not making an impact.  As for McClean, I have been aiming to purchase him in my team for a while, but I already had Sess.  With Sess now suspended I am happy to cash in on a cheaper alternative that provides attacking prowess and budget quality in one hit.

Cole (OUT) / Martin (IN)

How the so-called former formidables have fallen.  There was a time when Chelsea kept clean sheets on a regular basis.  But not so this season.  I only drafted Cole in as I felt he was a nailed on first team starter with easy fixtures.  But I decided it wasn't worth having such an expensive defender from a team that has conceded more than they should.  His replacement is the little-known Russell Martin of Norwich City.  At 4.3, he has 2 goals and 2 assists to his name and to top things off he has favourable fixtures coming up.

Richards (OUT) / Enrique (IN)

It is mind boggling to think how a player of Richards' quality is rotated so much.  This wasn't the case earlier in the season, when he was a nailed on first team starter.  He recently sat out a lot of City's easier fixtures that led me to decide he must go, despite his proven track record.  His departure sees the return of Enrique to my team.  With DGW and Liverpool's easier fixtures, Enrique's 5.8 value and class makes sense to me.

Lindegaard (OUT) / Friedel (IN)

I was gutted when Lindegaard got injured as it disrupted my Lind/Vorm combo.  De Gea has reclaimed the goalie's jersey during this time.  As a result I have ditched the injured Lindegaard with Premier League legend Brad Friedel.  It is my intention to deploy Friedel during GWs 31-38, when Spurs get a good run of fixtures.

Vorm (OUT) / Hart (IN)

It was difficult to get rid of Vorm, but I feel Hart's good run of recent form is too good to ignore.  Hart is more expensive but I believe his class is shining through as City's title challenge intensifies.  Having said that, I could get rid of Hart after GW 31 to re-sign Vorm or a cheap keeper in-order to free up funds to bolster my outfield.

Extra Last-Minute Change Made:

Hart (OUT) / Reina (IN)

I think it makes sense to pick Reina as a goalkeeper over Hart due to Liverpool's easier fixture schedule, after DGW than City.  It's as simple as that.  I shall rotate between Friedel and Reina.  Crazy or a stroke of genius?  Only time will tell...