Friday, 17 January 2014

#CalledIt Differential Pick - GW22

Strike 1: Podolski (GW20)
Strike 2: Berbatov (GW21)
Strike 3 (GW22)?

I sure hope not. In baseball, strike three means you're out. Adios. And I am having none of that.

Having said that, I think a base hit (an assist) is within grasp for sure, while a home run (a goal) would be nice to re-establish #CalledIt as a credible differential pick

/Hm, would two goals or a goal and an assist constitute a Grand Slam in baseball? Walt?/

Anyway, Arsenal are playing host to the lowly Fulham on Saturday and if Sunderland (yes, Sunderland) were able to put 4 past them, then I see no reason why current league leaders couldn't do the same. While the majority of Walcott owners turned to Özil as a replacement, there were some who took a gamble and got Santi. Bold. I sincerely hope come Saturday afternoon we will see the Santi from last year's. You know, like the guy scoring a hat trick versus Reading? Yeah, that guy.

Santi Cazorla, #CalledIt pick for GW22.

P.S. As added assurance, whenever the selected player was pointing to my #CalledIt on the visual, he delivered. I made an effort to search for such a picture. Success is all but guaranteed.


  1. I passed Podolski... I was right.
    I almost bought Berbatov, but didn't... I was right.
    I could not buy any more Arsenal players so I passed.....

    Dang. You nailed it this week and I missed the opportunity :p

    1. You still made the right decision in 67% of times. Sure makes a good ratio. To be honest, Podolski and Berbatov had BIG "potential", if you ask me.